October 2, 2023

Welcome to the wdpr service blog, where we share all our experiences with WordPress. We share tips and tricks, news and announcements and everything else that’s related to WordPress.

As a Platinum member of WordPress

We offer WordPress development services, starting with the creation of your website and ending with its ongoing maintenance and support. Our team has extensive experience developing custom web applications and has worked with WordPress since its inception. We will develop your WordPress site from scratch or integrate it with other systems in order to create a fully functional eCommerce store or CRM system.

We are a web development company that offers services such as web development, custom website design, custom logo design and custom graphic design. Contact us today to get started with your next project!

Release or Environment

On our release or environment blog, you’ll find news, releases, updates, announcements, and information on the latest software versions, releases, and new features.

With our environment blog, you can keep up to date with all the latest news from our company as well as other news in the green tech field. The blog is updated regularly with relevant news and interesting articles.

In this blog, we will post new software releases. They include software updates and hot fixes, new products from our partners and announcements about events that we are involved in.

For over 15 years, we’ve been making the most advanced software, providing solutions to businesses across the globe in over 200 languages. Our team includes developers, designers, writers, testers and other professionals. We have been able to build a company with a great culture, with a team dedicated to helping our customers succeed.

Benefits of Service Portal

This is a blog designed to share the benefits of the service portal with you! We’ll keep you up to date with the latest news from the service portal, and give you some tips on how to take full advantage of it.

Our free Service Portal plugin lets you add a service page to any of your custom post types! It works with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, or even manually using PHP. We also have premium Service Portal for those who need more features than the free version, plus other premium add-ons such as Membership Portal, Survey Portal, and more!

Our Service Portal is a unique service portal software for service oriented businesses. The software gives complete control over the way customers engage with the business, whether by self-service or through a salesperson.

Have you ever thought of using service portal in your business? Well, it could be one of the best way to increase customer satisfaction and boost up business.

ServiceNow not allow submission during Change Freeze

We are facing some issues with service now, the service now will allow submission on change freeze. The problem is that when a user goes through the workflows in service now, it shows as ‘in progress’ state, this issue is not affecting all users but some are facing this issue. We need to submit a ticket so we can get this resolved.

When ServiceNow is in change freeze, it’s not possible to submit new change requests. But what about older requests? We have a post about that here: https://www.servicenow.com/blog/understanding-and-fixing-service-now-change-freeze/

In this blog we talk about the issues and resolutions that we are having with ServiceNow to allow us to post new blog posts. If you have any questions regarding ServiceNow or have suggestions about how we could improve our process please comment below.

We recently discovered an issue with WordPress 3.5 where it did not allow authors to submit changes to drafts after change freeze,

We are happy to announce that we have just released the first service now plugin!


Our conculsion wdpr service now lets you take advantage of your web analytics data from multiple devices or multiple locations.

Conculsion is a complete WDP solution for WordPress including a drag-and-drop plugin that makes it easy to create your own WordPress website with a completely custom look and feel.

Conculsion.com is a WordPress Theme and Plugin development company based in Toronto, ON Canada. Our WordPress theme and plugin development services includes themes, custom plugins, custom WordPress theme customization, and WordPress Plugin development

We focus on delivering quality designs that make your work look great, load quickly, and function efficiently.

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