October 2, 2023

The Psychedelic Podcast is the brainchild of psychedelic pioneer Sasha Shulgin. In this podcast, he discusses his work in psychopharmacology, including his famous experiments with MDMA and mescaline. He also covers a variety of other topics related to psychedelics, including their medical, spiritual, and creative uses.

Our Psychedelic blog covers a range of topics from psychedelics, including guides to guides, festivals, and everything in between. We also share our favorite music, films, books, and other stuff to help guide your trips.

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This article discusses the history, religious significance, effects, and legality of this controversial substance.

Psychedelic therapy

Psychedelic therapy is a form of psychotherapy which has been used by people for decades as a treatment for mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and other issues. It involves the use of psychedelic drugs like LSD, Psilocybin mushrooms and others. There is no scientific evidence that supports these claims but it remains as one of the most talked about alternative therapies out there.

Psychedelics have been used by humans in various cultural traditions since ancient times. Psychedelic drugs are known to bring on profound experiences, including vivid dreams, hallucinations, and even out-of-body experiences.

The best-known psychedelic drug is mescaline, also known as peyote or lophophora. Psychedelic drugs have many effects in

We created this blog to share the amazing research being done in the area of psychedelic therapy. The topics discussed include clinical trials and findings, effects on the brain, therapeutic applications, safety, legal issues, and a list of therapists who practice psychedelic therapy.

If you are looking for information on psychedelic therapy, you’ve come to the right place. We are committed to helping people understand the healing potential of psychedelics by providing them with facts and research-based information.

Psychedelics help your brain cells form new connections

Psychedelic mushrooms are considered as the most psychedelic plants on this planet. It’s a plant that has high hallucinogenic properties. It contains several compounds including dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which makes it possible to produce psychedelic experiences that are beyond what most people are capable of experiencing on their own.

We are in a psychedelic renaissance. Psychedelic drugs are making a comeback for serious health benefits like treating depression, reducing alcohol cravings, boosting creativity and memory, and improving the quality of life for people with chronic pain.

We wrote this blog because we are currently researching the effects of psychedelics in a study. We hope that through our research, it will become clear that these drugs should be treated as a tool for neuroplasticity. They allow the brain to rewire itself.

Preparing for Bursting of the Psychedelic Hype Bubble

Preparing for the coming of the “Psychedelic Hype Bubble” has never been so much fun! In addition to everything you need to know about the history of psychedelics and why they are the most important innovation in human history, we will also go into details about: how to prepare for psychedelic use, psychedelic dosages, how to choose the right psychedelic

We’ve been hearing a lot about the so-called “psychedelic wave” lately, but it doesn’t seem to be materializing in the way some of us were expecting. While there are still plenty of people who haven’t experienced any major breakthroughs, it seems like most of them are taking things as they come and keeping

This is not the place to get into whether or not psychedelics are safe, or legal. The purpose of this site is to provide some perspective on what is happening with psychedelics. In particular, we’re focusing on those who are interested in using them to

Safety of Psychedelics

Safer drug laws are not the answer. They need to be done right, with a balanced approach, based on the current facts. Psychedelics are the ultimate mind expanding drugs and should be available to all adults who wish to try them, if they feel they can benefit from this medicine. We are fighting to end the harm of prohibition, so the only way to win

We have been doing some research on the safety of psychedelics.. The information may be useful in understanding the risks involved with psychedelics.

Psychedelic drugs like LSD and mushrooms are known to be highly powerful psychotropic agents. However, most people do not realize that these psychoactive substances can actually be very dangerous and addictive.


Our conculsion Psychedelic is a psychedelic resin that is completely safe and legal, with no known side effects.

In this blog, we feature articles on the science behind conculsion, the latest research, reviews, news, and information on new conculsion studies.

Conculsion Psychedelic, is a website that allows users to view various information about psychedelic drugs including their effects, legalities, and history.

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